As the pandemic has shifted people to staying indoors more frequently, TV has once again become a staple in the marketing community. Whether it’s a traditional ad on prime time television or a digital video ad on a streaming platform, video ads have made quite the splash in recent months. Understanding the trends that have made video advertisements increasingly beneficial to businesses can help you achieve your advertising goals.

Use The Correct Video

The usage of video advertisements has seen a yearly increase since 2015. This increase in usage has increased the focus of the advertising agency New Bern NC as they design out the videos themselves. This process begins with deciding the right look and feel of the video itself. Understanding who the target audience is and what sentiment you are trying to impose using said advertisement is a crucial step in the design process. For example, if you are trying to build hype around a product, a teaser ad may be the best option for your video. However, if you are trying to explain a new feature, an explanatory video ad would be the best option for that.

Focus On The Call-To-Action

Like any other advertisement, having a clear call to action is crucial for video advertising. In the modern world of video advertising, a call to action can come in a few different ways. The first and more prevalent is simply having a phone number or URL linking you to the business. The second option that is currently emerging in the world of video advertising is QR Codes. While QR codes have been around for years, they have recently begun to regain steam as they are easy to create and update. Most importantly they make gaining insights and metric information of users easier. An advertising agency New Bern NC can use QR codes to learn more about the audience interacting with ads to help them adjust for future campaigns.

Advertising With Viamark Advertising Agency New Bern NC

At Viamark Advertising, we use the latest and most effective advertising trends to advertise your business. Our creative thought process is unmatched, and we can guarantee to help set your business apart and be the most relevant in its industry. Our campaigns and strategies are based on proven results, and we understand every business is unique and requires a different approach. If you’re struggling with marketing your business or finding your target audience, Viamark Advertising can help you. Contact us today or visit our website for more information regarding our services.